You are the Northern Lights.

The nice guy doesn’t get the girl


He doesn’t. He gets used by the cool girl to get her guy back, and does a splendid job as a filler of time when he is needed for such tasks. The arsehole, however, gets whatever he wants without ever creating anything worthwhile, or giving a hand to anybody who could have done with one. That arsehole gets the girl, though.

Still, I know which one I would rather be.

Definitely the nice guy.

I love and hate this film. Love it because I love these actors. Hate it because I hate the ending. I prefer twelfth night’s ending. There’s enough sadness in the whole. I hate watching movies with sad endings.

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Cheat day.

I never realised how having a cheat day is so psychologically helpful. Gets you through the daily cravings. Then you get to cheat day and you don’t really want that much bad stuff. Oh how the mind works.